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Learn Kitesurfing in Thailand

Kitesurf Lessons & Program

Pranburi is fast becoming one of the most popular places to learn kitesurfing in Thailand. With long, quiet, flat beaches, calm and safe coastal waters, and wind conditions perfectly suited to learning or practicing kiteboarding, there is no better place to come for a day’s lesson in a new extreme sport that will take your breath away.

Kiteboarding Discovery Program

Learning with IKO Thailand is the best way to discover Kiteboarding! The first part of this program will take you though the steps of setting up and flying a kite with trainer lines. You will learn:

  • Spot assessment
  • Set up trainer kite
  • Launch & land with assistant
  • Basic piloting skills
  • Weather
  • Know the wind window
  • Tides
  • Wind effects
  • Safety  systems
  • Set up LEI kite
  • Communication signals
  • Self landing
  • Recover the bar & the kite

Lesson duration:
1on1 instruction 2 hours
1on2 instruction 3 hours
Price: 4,000 Thai baht

Kiteboarding Intermediate Program

By the end of the program, you will be able to get up on the board for your first  water start. During the course, you will learn:

  • Enter & exit water independently
  • Advanced piloting skills
  • Body drag in the water
  • Body drag upwind with a board
  • Self rescue
  • Water re-launch the kite
  • Know the power stroke, safety and theory  behind the water start
  • Water start and stand up on the board
  • Determine wind strength & quality
  • Know the right of way rules

Lesson duration:
1on1 instruction 6 hours
1on2 instruction 9 hours
Price: 11,000 Thai baht

Kiteboarding Independent Program

This program is for  the student determined to take up kiteboarding. At the end of this program, you will be an independent kiteboarder! You will:

  • Manage your practice area and learn to select the appropriate equipment.
  • Improve your kite flying skills a lot
  • Be able to self-launch your kite
  • Learn how to control your riding speed and power
  • Be able to fly more powerful kites
  • Ride upwind.
  • Try your first jump!
  • Perform risk assessment and have awareness of the riding area

Lesson duration:
1on1 instruction 10 hours
1on2 instruction 15 hours
Price: 17,000 Thai baht



All necessary equipment will be supplied for your lessons with us. Though if you own your own kiteboarding equipment, then, as long as we deem it to be safe, that can be used also. We also supply kites and boards for sale at great prices in our shop, if you end up deciding to take your lessons further.


At Kite Thailand, your safety is paramount. We take this extremely seriously and will strive to ensure any risks are minimalized as much as they can be. We have our own rescue boat, and all instructors have necessary training in first aid should anything occur.


Our courses will take place along a quiet stretch of beach known as Pak Nam Pran beach. This area is perfectly suited to learning to kitesurf due to the topography of the local area, and the consistency and direction of the wind observed along the coastline. This combination of factors allows beginners an easy, shallow learning curve into understanding factors such as where to place the kite in the wind window, but also offers a great opportunity for experienced kiteboarders in honing their skills.