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We are the only Kite School in Thailand that offers complete IKO Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Instructor Course Packages. We have been running training courses consistently since 2008!


Our instructor training packages include:

  • IKO Kitesurfing Instructor Training Course Level 1
  • IKO Assistant Instructor Course
  • IKO Thailand First Aid CPR Course

After completion of your IKO courses, there are also opportunities for work experience and employment with us, or in the local area.

Why Choose Kite-Thailand for your IKO Instructor Course?

Kite-Thailand is the perfect location to become an IKO Kitesurfing Instructor.

We have:

  • Consistent wind from November through to May
  • A dedicated ITC classroom
  • Cheap accommodation
  • Great fresh food
  • Low-cost motorcycle rental (around 4 euro daily or 40 euro monthly)
  • We organize and run the courses independently, that means that our courses rarely get canceled.

Become an IKO Kitesurfing instructor and stay and work with us for the rest of the season! If you want to travel and work we will hook you up with work all over the world.


Candidates for IKO Kite Instructor Training Courses Level 1 must meet the pre-required level before attending. Please read the prerequisites at the end of this page, if you need more training to qualify then please let us know and we can help you out by organising private or semi-private lessons. If you need more information regarding which courses you would like to join, if you need a transfer from the airport, accommodation and if you have any more questions send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

If you are missing some of the prerequisites please let us know and we will help you out to get ready for the IKO instructor course!

Prerequisites: IKO Instructor Level 1

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have experience of kiteboarding for at least 1 year at independent level (can ride upwind, switch stance, land basic jumps in both directions, perform self rescue)
  • Have an IKO Assistant Instructor certification (AITC) or have signed up for an AITC 
  • Pass the online assistant course
  • Have a valid first aid and CPR certificate or have signed up for our first aid course
  • Be able to read and write English.

IKO Certification

Every IKO Instructor course follows a 5-day ITC training course program, during which the examiner evaluates his technical, communication, and human skills. At the end of the IKO instructor course, the Candidate takes a written test and must pass the exam with a minimum score of 70%. The IKO training is about 50% theory and 50% practical training with real students. At the end of the Instructor training courses if you need more training, internship is provided, which will give you additional extra free teaching practice to ensure your teaching skills will be very high. Being an IKO Kitesurfing instructor means being safe, and having fun while training your students to become independent kite surfers.

Schedule IKO Instructor Training Courses (ITC) 2017-2018

IKO Assistant Instructor Course (AITC) Medical First Aid Course IKO Instructor Training Course (ITC) Location
From : 20/12/2017
to : 24/12/2017
Pranburi, Thailand
From : 20/01/2018
to : 24/01/2018
Pranburi, Thailand
From : 14/02/2018
to : 18/02/2018
From : 19/02/2018 to : 20/02/2018 From : 20/02/2018
to : 24/02/2018
Pranburi, Thailand
From : 20/03/2018
to : 24/03/2018
From : 26/03/2018 to : 26/03/2018 From : 27/03/2018
to : 31/03/2018
Pranburi, Thailand
From : 20/04/2018
to : 24/04/2018
Pranburi, Thailand

 Also have a look at IKO official training calendar


IKO Instructor Training Course level 1 (5 days)

890 USD

IKO Assistant Instructor Training Course (5 days)

500 USD (excl. the 52 USD registration fee at IKO.)

First aid CPR Course (1 day)

100 USD


Manu (School Manager/IKO AITC Trainer) pranburi@kiteboardingasia.com

Jens (MFA Trainer/IKO Examiner) kitethailand@me.com

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