Welcome to Kite Thailand – Your Kitesurfing School in Paradise!

Kite Thailand is a kitesurfing school and retail shop based in Pak-Nam-Pran beach, in Pranburi. We have our own rescue boat, and have been an established kitesurfing course provider since 2001.

Kite Thailand is the only International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified and insured kite school in the area for kitesurfing in Thailand.

Essentially, this means that we have insurance that covers you for up to 3,000,000 Euros while you are carrying out lessons with our instructors. For your additional peace of mind, the expert guidance of internationally certified instructors is available on a private lesson basis, semi-private, or a number of alternative courses of your choice. We’d like to state here that we are very proud of our injury-free record over the last 15 years of providing kiteboarding lessons here in Thailand.

Kitesurfing in Thailand

Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, has fast become a sport that captures the imagination, fuels a thirst for thrills and allows people of all ages to harness one of nature’s most formidable forces. Such a demanding extreme sport however, deserves special attention to safety, local knowledge and a solid understanding of kitesurf techniques. It’s vital that you are aware of the limits of your own abilities before you head out on the surf.

While there are many locations within Thailand to learn and practice kiteboarding, few are as suitable, in terms of accessibility, wind consistency and direction (predominantly cross-shore), and suitable launch areas (long, flat shallows without rocks), all due to the topography of the local region of Pranburi. These reasons make Pranburi one of the most popular destinations for beginner and seasoned kiteboarders alike.

At Kite Thailand, we apply all the latest teaching methodology, psychology, equipment, technology, lesson plans and international safety standards available for Kiteboarding here in Thailand. We commit completely to ensure that you will not only have a blast during your lessons, but at the end of the kitesurfing course you will be safe and confident in your abilities.

For a detailed breakdown of which courses we provide, and the topics and activities each course covers, take a look through the corresponding section on this site, here.

Learning with Kite Thailand

For your own safety and before signing up for any kite lessons make sure the school you are visiting is an internationally certified school. To check, visit the IKO International website (here), click on “Where to learn” and choose the location; in this instance “Thailand”. Here's the link to our certification.

If you learn at a certified school or affiliated center you can rest assured that it will be properly insured, there will be a rescue boat present and, most importantly, the instructor teaching you will be internationally certified.

We at Kite Thailand are proud of our perfect injury free record since we started out many years ago.

From a safety perspective it’s important for any serious kite school to keep a wide variety of kite sizes, since we choose the kite for the day depending on the wind strength and the weight of the student. A surprising number of accidents happen simply because the individual or school conducting the tuition doesn’t stock the correct size kite (or knowledge) for the local conditions and the student ends up overpowered and in danger.

For this reason, short lines and a variety of kite sizes are essential for safe teaching and learning. We keep a large stock of well-maintained school equipment strictly for this purpose.